Time To Get Help? Find the Lord with us.

Upcoming Events

GodUpcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events for the year this year.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Church – November 20th

Come help us give to others as we serve dinner to those not a fortunate as us that are homeless or need help. It will be November 20th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. We need servers and donations of food as always.

The Deaf Marriage Conference – November 10th-12th

There are three costs for this and the options are 1. $250 per couple and that includes lodging, the meals and the registration. 2. $150 per couple and this includes the meals and registration (the lodging you are on your own). 3. $50 per couple this includes the registration only (food and the lodging you are on your own).

Christmas for the Youth – December 1st through the 19th

Let us help the youth by taking a name from the Christmas tree of a little boy or a young girl and getting her the gift that they are looking for. This act helps the homeless youth that we have in America.

Memorial Day

We go to the water park for this one and just enjoy the fellowship with others after we are done we have a small prayer group to thank the Lord for all he has given us.

Independence Day – July 4th

We will have an old fashion BBQ with ribs and shredded pork. If you are interested in helping we are always in need of servers, cooks and donations of food for the day. After the food and when it gets dark we will have fireworks for everybody to watch. Make sure to bring any comfortable lawn chairs or blankets to sit on in front of the church to watch.

Deaf Bible Conference

This is a great program for everybody. There is exciting bible preaching in ASL. The lessons taught are open for discussion and questions afterwards. There is Fun games and great fellowship and new friends.

Labor Day

We will have another cookout for all those who served. It is free to all those and family’s that have served this great nation. It starts at 4:00 p.m. and it is hot dogs and burgers for all till we run out.